Steroids Bodybuilding: How Much Muscle Mass Can You Gain?

When you want to gain serious pounds of muscles in matter of weeks there’s no way you can achieve this with normal workouts and diets. It’s true that they work, but the difference between 7 pounds of muscles lies in two words: steroids bodybuilding. This is the difference that you get when using steroids bodybuilding with your workouts and diet. What is more, steroids bodybuilding can help you build up muscles even if you’re not doing exercises. Although the muscle gains are not as significant as when doing exercises, steroids bodybuilding by themselves will definitely help you see a big change in your muscle mass. How is this possible? Find out more below or test crazy bulk Decaduro.

How Much Muscle Mass Can You Gain Using Steroids

There are two main forms of steroids bodybuilding: oral and injectable. Each has its own pros and cons. Injectable steroids are more androgenic and less damaging to organs, while oral steroids are more anabolic and can damage your liver, as they have to be processed by it. However, regardless of the type of the steroid, all steroids bodybuilding are a synthetic copy of the male hormone testosterone.

An average person who uses steroids for his bodybuilding program will have better results than one who is simply doing workouts and keeping a diet. The difference was pointed out in a 10 week study that showed exactly how significant is the difference. 43 men were split into 4 different groups: one that didn’t do any workouts and didn’t received steroids, one that didn’t do any workouts but received weekly injections of 600 mg of testosterone, one group that did workouts without taking any steroids and another group that did workouts and received weekly injections of 600 mg of testosterone.

The results were amazing and proved that steroids bodybuilding make a BIG difference. The first group didn’t experience significant changes in muscle gain, which is normal. The second group built about 7 pounds by simply receiving testosterone and not working out. The third group gained 4 pounds of muscle, while the forth group gained 13 pounds of muscle by using testosterone in combination with their workouts. The workouts were identical. Still, the simple use of steroids bodybuilding helped the group who received testosterone injections to gain over 3 times more muscle than the group who was simply doing workouts.

In conclusion, steroids bodybuilding will definitely help you take your workouts at a whole new level. The study shows exactly that the difference between simply working out and working out while taking steroids is simply unbelievable. Whether you take oral steroids bodybuilding or injectable, you will see amazing results in matter of weeks.

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