Monthly Archive: April 2018


For A Peaceful Future

For almost ten years, the overriding focus in Afghanistan has been on how to defeat the Taliban. While the military campaign still remains the top priority for NATO countries and the Afghan government, they have now also started to say there is a need for ‘reconciliation’ to bring in those Taliban willing to give up fighting. But their current approach isn’t working. We believe we need a fresh approach. An...


For Individual Dignity

Last year, over 2,700 civilians were killed as a result of the conflict. They were the innocent victims of an increasingly deadly war. The current approach towards civilians caught in the conflict isn’t working. We believe we need a fresh approach. An approach that focuses on protecting civilians and gives them and their families the dignity they deserve. An approach that builds trust with the Afghan people, rather than adding...


Cheapest Skip Hire

Whether you are doing renovations or simply cleaning your house, it’s important that you get rid of waste properly and legally. You can’t discard construction waste at the local recycling center. This is where you can get help from the cheapest skip hire. With a skip hire company you can ensure that you waste is discarded quick and easily in the best possible way. In general, most homes have two...